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Pivotal Engineering is led by the following staff with extensive design and compliance experience

Avinash Mehta PE, President

M.S., Environmental Engineering, 2003- University of Central Florida

B.S., Civil Engineering 2000- North Maharashtra University, India


Mr. Mehta serves as the principal of Pivotal Engineering and the Business Manager in charge of all of the Civil engineering projects and marketing pursuits of the firm. He has over 14 years of experience managing engineering projects including project budget, schedule and scope, coordination of resources, business development and client liaison activities. His experience includes the design of streets, drainage design, permitting, wastewater system design, potable water system design and conceptual planning and design for coastal restoration projects. Mr. Mehta has strong familiarity with project procurement approaches for private, local, state and federal clients and experience in defining long-term organizational strategic goals, building and nurturing key client relationships, identifying business opportunities, negotiating projects and maintaining extensive knowledge of current market conditions.


Terry Elnaggar PE, Principal 

M.S., 1988 Civil/Environmental Engineering,  University of California at Berkeley

B.S., 1985 Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University


Mr. Elnaggar serves as a Principal of Pivotal Engineering and the Engineering Manager in charge of environmental engineering projects. He has extensive experiences in program management, design and construction management. His experience includes over 50 industrial facilities, 30 schools, shipyards, several libraries, 2 airports, and numerous contaminated properties. He has served as an environmental expert for air permitting, soil and groundwater impacts and hazardous waste treatment and disposal.  Licensed environmental and civil engineer in multiple states and licensed contractor.


Bassam Mekari, PE Principal

M.S., 1990 Engineering Science, University of New Orleans

B.S., 1987 Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University


Mr. Mekari's responsibilities include performance and oversight of electrical and mechanical engineering projects for commercial and industrial facilities, value engineering, financial management, coordination of corporate resources and client liaison activities. He also managed the construction of many multi-million dollar projects. He has over 25 years of design and construction management experience in the electrical, mechanical, and industrial processing engineering fields. Projects include large schools, libraries, refineries, production sites, and medical facilities. Mr. Mekari designed several thermal reactors in the USA and worldwide to break down hazardous wastes into re-usable materials. One of the reactors was to treat the oily wastes generated from Desert Storm during the Iraqi war. Project was funded by the United Nations.

Yoseph Shifare PE, Principal

M.S., 2014 Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering), University of Louisville

B.S., 2001 Civil Engineering, University of Asmara, Eritrea


Mr. Shifare serves as a Project Director of Pivotal Engineering in charge of Civil/Transportation engineering projects. He has over 17 years engineering, project and construction management experience for public infrastructures, industrial, commercial and private facilities. As a project director he designs, leads and manages the day to day efforts of engineers on projects that include roadway, traffic, drainage/storm water management, water and wastewater, and landfills. Mr. Shifare is responsible to client liaison, manage the strategic aspects of project engagement, review high-level project deliverables, provides leadership, project accounting and ensures the engineering practice meets or exceeds industry standard.

Irish Jones

1967. University of Texas at Arlington

Mr. Jones has more than 40 years of experience in Electrical Design and Construction. His experience spans from design of interior and exterior lighting, building power supply and distribution and system automation. His experience includes large industrial and commercial facilities.  His insights provide invaluable improvement to Pivotal's design and contructability.  


James Amodeo P.E.

B.S., 1994 Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York


Mr. Amodeo serves as the Senior Mechanical Engineer for Pivotal Engineering. Mr. Amodeo has more than 15 years of experience in the analysis, design and project construction management for various types of building mechanical systems, plumbing design, and code compliance.  Mr. Amodeo is responsible for all mechanical and plumbing design, review of all applicable code requirements, methodologies and design recommendations and schematics.

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