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Pivotal's staff has performed over 500 projects with a multi-disciplined approach leading to high quality cost savings and expedited schedules. The following is a small representation of our experience:




Pivotal was retained to perform an environmental and geological assessment of the soil and groundwater and characterize the sludge in the large oily waste impoundment. The data was used to prepare a toxicological assessment using the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) Risk Evaluation and Corrective Action Program (RECAP). Remediation standards were developed that reduce the cleanup requirements for the facility. Based on PIVOTAL's work, no remediation was required for the Pond resulting in over $1.5 million dollar savings to the client.

Multi-function Gymnasium and Recreation Center
This project had several design challenges and a very compressed design and construction schedule. Additional challenges that the design team faced were responding to several changes in design direction during the Construction Document preparation phase. Such changes resulted due to directive orders from client due to FEMA funding limitations for alternate Items that were damaged by Hurrincane Katrina. Due to the design changes which resulted in producing 3 different set of construction documents, the final Bid Documents schedule was still met by swiftly responding to changes mandated by the client.
Urban Greenway



Pivotal personnel was responsible for drainage analysis, design, and lighting services for the Greenway Development Project. Pivotal reviewed the topographic survey provided by the Owner; develop final design material and layout plans, grading plans, lighting plans, signage plans and specifications, as required by local, city, federal and state agencies. Prior to design, engineering staff performed a drainage analysis to calculate 10-year discharge from the identified contributing areas. Pivotal incorporated the approved scope of work into the project which included components such as Architectural, Civil, Electrical Design and Drainage Analysis

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