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The engineering professionals at Pivotal bring not only knowledge and experience to our clients’ projects but also sensitivity to our clients’ needs. Working with architects, engineers, developers, and local and state governments, we are well versed in the code requirements for all aspects of the projects that we undertake.




Pivotal's electrical experience and capabilities include power distribution design and analysis, street and highway lighting design, load calculations, emergency and back-up power systems, and commercial and industrial facilities power and lighting design. Pivotal designs new facilities as well as minor to major facilitiy upgrades. Pivotal has extensive controls experience including PLC and DCS selection, design and implementation. Project designs included special systems (fire alarm, intercom, it, etc.)



Pivotal's team of civil engineers and designers were one of the first boots on the ground post Hurricane Katrina.   Staff memebers inspected over 2500 structures for structural intregrity.  Pivotal has designed major street improvements including full utility replacement, drainage upgrades, lighting updates and land/streetscapes.       




Pivotal Engineering is multimedia environmental consultant.  Services include asbestos inspection and sampling, air permitting and compliance, soil and hazardous waste permitting and compliance, and remedial design.  Pivotal performs extensive air compliance including emissions reporting, tier 2 testing and reporting and Title V calculations and reports,

Pivotal's team has closed large contaminated sites though on-site treatment, risk assessments, groundwater modeling, and mitigation.  

Construction Inspection 



Pivotal Engineering team of engineers, inspectors, and technicians ensure contractor bulid projects in accordance to plans, specifcations and indutry standards.  The extensive construction experience of our team minimizes change orders and reduces project delays while providing a better final product for the owner.


Pivotal also provides construciton monitoring services including vibration monitoring, pile logging, landfill construction certification and stormwater testing.


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